Ottoman's Life Boutique Hotel Istanbul
Special Class Hotel in Istanbul

Ottoman's Life Boutique Hotel upon it's inception was built around the belief and idea of it being a special boutique class hotel. We have taken this step with the understanding that we will provide our customers outstanding and high class service also at the same time presenting a tranquil environment which our customers will enjoy.

Classic Ottoman culture and design will be on display. It was built around contemporary style Ottoman palaces and similarly styled Ottoman art will be displayed to its truest form possible, and to accomplish this we have spared no expense.

The wooden works found in our hotel were carved from pine and mahagony, detailed by master carvers, fitted and adorned with gold, silver, and copper designs.

Parts of the hotels roof were coated with plaster which has enabled us to truly bring to life Ottoman styles of Barak and Rococo and adorn it with gold, silver, and copper. Chandeliers in our lobby are specially designed by Turkish craftmasters, and adorned with rice derived crystals.

Chandeliers in the rooms were designed by Austrian Queen Maria Theresia and are exact replicas of the ones used by the Ottomans.

In Ottoman's Life Boutique Hotel's general area's, elevator's, stairway's, shower's, corridor's, and bathroom's 21 different types of marbles were used, these were picked by Turkish and world renowned marble workers. Stair handrail's were custom designed and carved, feature wooden and iron overlay's, hotel's inside wall's were decorated with water painting's made by nationally famous artists showing and displaying the Ottoman era lifestyle.

The ceiling's in room bathroom's also were adorned with painting's drawn by same artist's in shapes of dome style water colour painting's.

Apart from using the same style as the old Ottoman theme's and decoration's at our hotel, the bed sheet's, cover's, pillow cover's and curtain's all were made with various high quality cloth's and silk's. The color's, cloth's and furniture's used in each of our 32 rooms were designed specifically to fit the image of the hotel. Some room's feature high quality wooden floor's, where as other's we have used woolen Turkish style carpet's.

Room's also feature and display Iranian silk carpet's and other hand crafted carpet's from different Turkish cities which are famous for the workmanship of their carpet's. All the walls in the rooms feature Italian wallpaper's, also bathroom's feature ottoman hamam design's.

Bathroom's in the room's were coated with specially cut marble's, bathroom accessorie's were decorated with Swarovski product's, and ceiling's were fitted with chandelier's.

All the textile product's in the room's and bathroom's are anti-allergic and the beds were specially picked for their comfort.

The room bell's and corridor lamb's were specially designed and adorned. Entrence to the lobby feature's old Ottoman palace information and fact's. This section of the hotel also feature's hand carved chair's covered with genuine leather and adorned with unique and different design's. Fireplace was hand carved and top of it was decoarted with Swarovski design's and work's.

Reception desk area was hand carved from mahogany and adorned with same. The rear wall portion of the area feature's the first world map drawn in Europe in the 1800's.This was carved from a 500kg tree and went thru a lenghty crafting process by private master's and painted by university professor's, other part's were embellished with wooden and rice mixture motif's.

Cobalt stained glass was used to stiffen and provide support, and the total constaction time of this work was over 1.5 years. Hotels main entrence door was made and inspired by using the Burton tree.

Our hotel's restaurant design features beautiful mahogany, also all the table's and chair's were carved and adorned with the same wood. Some wall's in the restaurant feature eye capturing imagery of old Istanbul made from peebles by university teacher's whom are expert's in this art field.

The section that connect's our customer's to the Hasbahce, was specially lighted and feature's an authentic 18 year old racing canoe which was brought from England to Turkey.

The wall's of the meeting hall located downstair's, feature's Italian silk curtain's and Italian wall paper, the rug's in the meeting hall are authentic and Turkish.

Assembly area is connected to an automated system and is completely electronic, easy to use, and user friendly. Location of the autopark is convenient and was built so there would be no such thing as parking issue's and problem's.

Molla Fenari Isa Camii, which sit's directly across from our hotel is at the intersection of Vatan Street and Halicilar Street. This Byzantine work of art, was constructed thru different historical eras, it features 2 churches and a cemetery chapel. Byzantine emperor Constantinos Lips whom died in 907 AD built this monastery and dedicated it to Mary mother of Christ. Last bloodline of Byzantine empire the Paleologoslar family constucted new churches and renovated alot of other ones in the same area. emperor Mikhail's (1261-1282) wife Theodora, dedicated Fenari Isa Camii to John the Baptist, Fenari Isa sits next to Constantin Lips monestary.

Structure feature's both the churches. Northern Church was constracted by Constantinos Lips and southern one was constracted by his wife Theodora. In the 14th century northern and southern churches were embraced by a side chapel which wrap's around both from east to west, this chapel features about 20 marble sarcophaguses.During the time of second Beyazid, Alaeddin Ali efendi reconstracted this church into a mosque, and monestaries were turned into zaviyes (lodges).

Molla Fenari Camii from a architecture historic point stand's out from the rest of the churches, this is due to the fact four dome's of the mosque feature 4 small chapel's, this is not found in any other Byzantine church.

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